Friday, June 14, 2013

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Resolution for the New Academic Year

Prayer begins by talking to God;
But it ends by listening to Him.

O Lord, My God, I need your assistance, Because I fully realize that on my own I am weak and wayward and good for nothing.

I want to do my duties as a Student of this College to the Best of my ability.

I want to shoulder my responsibilities and fulfill my obligations and commitments seriously with determination perseveringly.

I want to do always what is right And pleasing in your sight.

I want to overcome all kinds of temptations whenever they come my way.

I want to avoid all bad thoughts, words, persons, places and things which
would lead me away from you.

I want to shun sin and lead A good and upright life.

Please help me O God to keep these resolutions not just for today
But for every day as long as I live।
Collected by the Librarian, dtsslibrary

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Self healing

Understanding the power within :

When we are protected by God, when we have a definite divine design to live & when we have spiritual powers within us, why are we not free ? why we don’t feel peaceful? why there is misery in our lives? why we are not happy? Just because we don’t understand our powers. We don’t understand that we can heal ourselves. We don’t understand that we have a whole battery of healing from the misery, that we can achieve happiness all by ourselves with the help of God within.

Everything is possible with God & with our power within. Man is a “Divine Computer” made by God Himself. *(“Think Positive”) We get the same results from it which we feed into it. When we feed any wrong information it gives wrong result & when we feed the right one it shows us the right results. We can say, ‘it is more than a Computer.’ Of course, we can make computers, so we are more powerful than the computers. But we don’t understand this. And many of us do not even know this fact.

We can get what we want out of our lives with the help of our computer within. We can heal anything for our own good. For healing we must use a proper technique. If we go by that technique we are surely going to get what we want. Our desires of our hearts are definitely going to be fulfilled.

MENTAL HOUSE CLEANING : First step of this technique is cleaning ourselves. Not only outward but inside us. We have to clean our mental house. Take out all the Negative ideas, Negative beliefs & wipe them out. Release them out by writing, by talking to best friends, by speaking with God is the best way. Then thinking, breathing out, then mentally seeing that it is going out. Mentally seeing the picture of negatives going out. Lastly, feeling fresh, mentally seeing the mind as clean and fresh. “ Breathing in ” the fresh air, divine air, feeling it inside.

FORGIVING, LOVING & PRAYING : After cleaning ourselves inside we must fill our mind with all the positive ideas, with full faith, prayers, love, forgiveness. We have to breath in the positive, the faith, love etc.

FEELING POSITIVE : Feeling positive is everything in man’s life. His success and failure depends only on his feelings. Deep feeling comes out in the real form if we have strong faith on our feelings and if we keep that feelings a secret.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spiritual power within us

Man has discovered tremendous power within himself. He knows that he is having spiritual power within himself. This power is seen in man by way of a ‘Hunch’, ‘Intuition’, ‘miracle’, etc…

Many times we feel to do something but we don’t understand “why” we are forced to do it. & if we do that we find the good result, which is best for us or for somebody else who is in need of the something. It is called a “hunch”. Hunch is a message sent by Him for our good & it is up to us to take that chance or not.

If we don’t take that chance & go against it, the hunch insists us. And if we still don’t take the chance we start feeling miserable inside. And if we do take a chance & fulfill the hunch even late, we get what we are destined to get. But if we miss the chance then it comes to our mind again & again & it tortures us & we feel guilty for missing the chance.

Sometimes we have a problem & we think & think & think, but we don’t get an answer; but in the middle of the night or in dream we get the answer & the problem is solved. It is God’s grace or ‘KRUPA’.

By His Krupa many of our problems get solved. We have to be thankful to Him. Many a times we know beforehand what is going to happen in future, that is “Intuition”. Sometimes we want something; the thought comes to our mind & it comes in front of us miraculously, that we wonder how it happened.

All these are the examples of the spiritual power within us. We must understand it & use it for good only.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


There is a divine design for each man. A man has to find it out & he should shape it & try hard to blossom it fully. He should believe strongly in good. He should believe in God, in His will.

There is something within us sparkling, which is the essence of our divine design. When we try towards it’s fulfillment it goes right. When we try against it , everything goes wrong. So we have to recognize it. When we feel strongly that we must & should do this, we must do that & we should because there we go near the divine design of our own. When we don’t want anything but still everything goes smoothly we should recognize that this is the right way towards our divine design & just keeping it up ( though it is not as per our will ) is wise. Have faith, complete faith that this is the right path & though there are many thorns or obstacles or calamities on this way, we should not loose our heart & faith. Because the way goes straight towards the fulfillment of our desire or the divine design.

“Shraddha & Saburi” are the magic words to achieve our goal. Constantly believing that this is the right path & that He is showing me the way which is the right way of peace in misery.

When we are in the middle way, it is very difficult to recognize that He is with us, but it is necessary for our peace of mind to accept His presence & to believe in His goodness. If we do not recognize His presence we will collapse & some other calamity will come over. We must believe in Him Totally & the rest will be done by Him.

We should be balanced in every situation so that there won’t be any obstacle in His will. And His will can come true gradually, which is the divine design. We can refer to the Greatest philosophical work of India “The Bhagavadgita”. In which the Bhagavan Shrikrishna says to Arjun :-
सार्वधर्मान परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणम व्रज

अहम् तवा सर्व पापेभ्यो मोक्षयिश्यामी माँ शुच ”

When we go towards the fulfillment of the divine design, we experience peace of mind. Because what we achieve then is our destined goal & we are made to achieve the same. We are made for that.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

मन एव मनुष्याणाम कारणं बध मोक्षयो:

मन एव मनुष्याणाम कारणं ध मोक्षयो:

“What the mind can conceive & believe, It can achieve!”
Through this foundation negative minds can be changed into positive.

असतो माँ सद्गमय तमसोमा ज्योतिर्गमय मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय
When our mind has the assurance feeling deep inside, for any happening, slowly & gradually it definitely takes place out in the world. For that each & every negative feeling about that topic or subject, should be wiped out of the mind. And the mind must conceive that idea with successful feelings.

Whether God exist or not is a big question for them who have not yet entered the Spiritual Path. But from the ancient time we have seen that man needs somebody who protects him, guides him when he is in trouble or in a dual state of mind. Man needs somebody who showers love on him unconditionally, without any selfish motive, when man faces calamities or when he is full of misery or sorrowful events, he need a hand that pampers him or who gives courage to face the situation.

It is seen that when man is depressed or helpless & if he gets the one who cares & pampers & guides & loves him, he is again refreshed & become courageous & confident as before.

Man doesn’t like to be in Misery for more time. He always want to be happy, peaceful & loving state of mind. He feels to get out of the negative always. He is attracted towards positive. He tries to go upward, towards betterment always.

The most important thing man needs is “security”. He wants to feel secure. He is always afraid of something or somebody. It is his nature & for that he always needs somebody with him, for his security. He needs some protection, which should be strong, powerful & super-humane & that is how he believed on GOD to protect him, guide him, love him & for everything.

Many people believe in GOD & many people do not. Those who believe also have different kinds of beliefs, like some believe only in pooja-path than humanity issues. They don’t feel necessary to help people or to pamper the sorrowful minds. They don’t understand the GOD within. They give importance to rituals more.

When we accept GOD we must live with Him; by His will, surrendering Him everything. Remembering Him each moment. Praying Him, thanking Him, talking to Him. When we live on this road we can experience His existence more often.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mind Your Time

Dear Students,
The students, who want to be Very Successful in their Life, should apply following mindful steps and go on the right path of Success.
Read these simple ways for becoming successful.
In our life everybody has got 16 to 20 hours time per day to work & try for success? If 4 to 8 hours goes in sleeping daily & if we work & try for success all other time, we can have 16 to 20 hours at our hand & as I said at the beginning, it is a process of becoming & not being. Successful persons are made and not produced, remember this. Everybody & anybody can become successful person, if he desires so.
Desire, “Heart’s Desire” should be there, then nothing is impossible. If you have a slight desire to be Successful; boost it, dream it, fire it by talking to yourself. Give your ‘mind’ to it. Crave for it, try & you will get what you want.
For that you have to “mind your time”. First, observe how much time you get for minding successfully.

Positive & Negative TimeOur mind goes into ‘positive time’ as well as into ‘negative time’ throughout the day. Observe the feelings of your mind time to time. When you are in Positive feelings you think of Success undoubtedly. But when your mind goes into Negative feelings you doubt about your success and doubt about everything.

Therefore, most of the time try to be in Positive feelings whatever happens. I will tell you what to talk to yourselves, if you are going from negative feelings.

Foremost Step:Choose your favorite God.

First Step :
Picturise that Positive & Negative are two different entities in your mind.
Separate the two, don’t mix them. Then see your mind going into Positive entity & feel it, feel fresh, secured, happy, enjoy the moment.

Now feel that Negative entity cannot mix in the Positive. Feel protected. Feel that “Nobody & Nothing can make me feel negative as I know, my dear God protects me from all the negative things. I’m under Grace & not under Karmic Law.”

Repeat these words & feel pure & safe. Try to see your favorite God smiling with you, pouring all His grace on you. You are safe & secured in His Strong ‘Kavach’ of His Grace.

Second Step:
Feel that this is a Stage Show & He (your favorite form of God) is the Director of the Show. And you are the Hero or Heroine Therefore nothing and nobody can act against your good. If you see anything negative, feel & think like this “Adverse appearances work for my good. I now jump into my good. I am protected by the white light of grace of my dear God. He work only for my successful life, as I’m the Hero/Heroine of His Play.”

“Each & every person, thing & happening is a stepping stone for my Good. Though I don’t see the good now, though I’m hurt now by this happening, I have faith that my Director is doing everything for my good, for my success, for proving me the Hero or Heroine of His film. And it is very obvious that with Him end of the film will be my success only & nothing else.”

Repeat and digest these ideas & have tremendous faith. Slowly & gradually increase this faith on Good like a Mountain, which can not be moved by slight negativity. Hold your successful picture in your mind, whatever the situation may be.

Most of the time in your daily chorus, try to hold your mind going into the Negative & let it go into the Positive, feeling protected by your God. Feel that each & every negative aspect is being washed off your mind.

Third Step :
Next you must do good & good only. Remember that quotation, “Do Good Anyway….” Whatever happens we have to be good to others., good to ourselves anyway. Then only God / the Supreme One will help us.

Remember the “Law of Karma” while doing anything wrong / negative. The Law of Karma works even if we don’t accept it. Any Karma comes back to us like a “Boomrang.”

The “Law of Gravitation” & the “Law of Karma” are the laws which never fail, even if we don’t accept them.

Fourth Step:
Remember one more true & simple thing that there is a “Pass-Book” of each of us with our lord, our “उपास्य दैवत”. In that He debits & credits all our Karmas, all our thoughts, all our dreams also. We get according to our deposit of good & bad Karmas.

Fifth Step :
One more law you must keep in mind that Purity & Truth will give us more & more returns than anything else. Love & Happiness also gives us much more than our credit Karmas. Try to be Pure at heart, True to yourself & others, Love yourself & others, Be Happy, Feel Happy & contented whatever God gives you.

Have this feeling that my dear God will not give me anything wrong or false which is not good for me. Feel truly contented.

Sixth Step :
Having Positive feelings means having God in our mind and having Negative feelings like complaint, hesitation, anger, jealousy etc. means not having God in our mind.

Faith, believing God,
Love, truth, happiness,
Purity of Mind, Serenity,
Casting burden upon the Lord, Using God, Friendship with God.
Not believing God, the Supreme One,
Anger, Ego, Desires, Jealousy, Complaint, Unhappiness, False Praise, Forceful, Criticize etc..

So most of the time try to be in the Positive i.e. in God then only He will protect you. Don’t doubt.
--- Librarian, dtsslibrary